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Chapter 7

The Salt Pools of the Sacred Valley


Salt Pools of the Sacred Valley

The Salineras de Maras, (Salt Pools of Maras) are a group of several thousand salt evaporation ponds that have been “mined” for salt by the local people for thousands of years, since as far back as 200 AD, many years even before the rise of the Incan Empire.

At over 3,200 msl the salty spring of Qoripujio bursts forth to carve out the Qaqahuiñay Gorge.The salty water has been cleverly directed by ancient intricate channels leading to the myriad salt catchment pond systems. Thus the valley’s steep slopes have been carved, massaged, and terraced into thousands of white, slightly pink, and light brown polygonal pools shimmering with the reflection of the surrounding red earth.


 Here the past lives on vividly in the present. 

Ancient and sustainable symbiosis with Mother Nature continues through the eons. Earth providing life in the the mineral form of salt and (hu)man’s ancient ingenuity and engineering used to depend on her. A prime display of harmony with La Pachamama.

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he geology of the area is not fully understood and is the subject of ongoing debate. There are certain scientific ideas that seem probable but as is the case across much of Peru, the ... And as happens with many mysteries, extraordinary stories are born. Stories that display the intiamte connection between (hu)man and nature. How indeed did a river of salt spring forth from the Earth talk of times current and past, in which are a number of local legends for why the "iron oxide added in the form of volcanic clay."


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